Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slesk Family 2009 Annual Park City Trip

So it is now an official annual trip. We have done it for the last 3 years, and hope that we can do it EVERY year, our trip consists of a drive up AF Canyon and then around the Alpine Loop which drops us down in to Provo Canyon through Sundance and then we drive up through Heber and on to my favorite place in Utah, PARK CITY! It was a gorgeous drive which always reminds how beautiful of an area we live in, and gave us some time away from everything (exept for the fact that Eli kept getting score updates on the football games that were going on every few minutes, can't live without our college football!) :) Here are some pictures from our trip:

We were in the middle of no where (notice the lack of road) and WE LOVED IT!

The back of Mount Timpanogos.


And the bottom of Park City Mountain Resort. We ate at a really yummy Mexican Resturant that is just behind us.

So for anyone who wants to join us next year, just come on down, up or over to Utah in the middle of October and we would love to bring you along!