Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Funny Story....or Not? I'll Let YOU Decide

I'm having a hard time deciding whether to laugh or cry at this story? So I will tell you and you tell me what you think....
So, last week Eli had a rec league basketball game which was at 8:30, which is really cutting it close to Mr. G's bedtime, but because my son is in LOVE with basketball or "foop" as it is know around our house and in love with his Dad, I decided I would be a "nice" mom and let him stay up a little late to watch his Dad play foop. Turned out to be NOT SUCH a good idea. For about the first half of the game I was fighting a screaming child who wanted to run down on the court and play with his dad. But, after the first half, there was another other court right next to the one Eli was playing on that was just sectioned off by a curtain and wasn't being used anymore, so I took Grady over and turned him loose on that court while I set in the middle of both so I could watch Eli and keep an eye on Grady. Oh how smart I thought I was! With about two minutes left in the game, I am watching very intently Eli's game and not so intently Grady, when I hear my little man say, "Mama, ut oh", I immediately look over at Grady who is walking very cautiously over to me when all of a sudden I see what he is "UT OH"-ing. Mr. G, who has recently found it interesting to stick his hands down his pants, front and back, had his cute little hands covered in what he likes to call "poo poo". I was dying. I had left all of my stuff, including wipes, over by all the people, and this was my first time in this place so of course I had NO idea were the restroom was! By the time I had finished cleaning him up, the game was over and Eli was out waiting for us. It was sort of a nightmare, but also kind of funny as well??!!! I told Eli that Grady had lost his "Go to Dada foop" privlideges for a while. My child! :)