Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We love springtime at our house for a couple reason, warmer weather, and a visit from Eli's family! This year we got to see Papa, Amma and Tait for a whole week and loved every second of it. We also met up with Jenny, Will, Tommy, and Connie and Frank who were visiting and went to yummy Paridise Bakery.
Along with the warmer weather, Grady finally gets to get out of the house and play, and LOVES it. He is such an outside person. He loves to play on the playground by our house. He also loves taking walks, and basketball hoops. We took a walk on Sunday and every time we passed a basketball hoop he would point at it and try to climb out of his stroller, a couple of times, if the hoop was low enough, Eli would take him over to it and let him hang on it for a couple of seconds. It made his day! Here are some pictures from the WONDERFUL spring we have had already...

I love this picture, Grady has the best Amma in the WHOLE world!