Friday, April 23, 2010

Tait's Basketball Games in Washington

This is a post that I REALLY should have done a long time ago! At the beginning of March, Eli and Grady were so lucky and got to go up to Eli's little brother Tait's basketball State Tournament in Washington. Eli and Grady were both so excited to go and both had so much fun watching basketball and hanging out with Amma and Papa. And since the least I could do is post some pictures to tell them both thank you (and that we are glad you made it back to the hotel safe Papa at 3 in the morning when Grady was in great need of chocolate milk), here they are:

This is actually from when Grady and I went up to visit and went to Tait's basketball game. Grady loves his Papa!

They got Meridian Trojan shirts. Grady still loves to wear his hoop shirt.

I guess he couldn't get enough going to games all day??!!

Grady, Eli and Tait

Grandpa Slesk, Tait and Grady

Cute, sweet Amma teaching Grady the thumbs up

Grady loves airplanes, or he was just really sad to leave....Tait's team ending up taking 2nd. Thank you to all who helped take care of my boys! They were so happy to be able to see everyone and watch Tait!