Monday, November 17, 2008

From Grady Baby to Big Boy

It all happens so fast, my little one is now 6 months old!!!! He had his 6 month Doctors appt. and was 27 inches (60th percentile) and 16 lbs 14 ounces (30th percentile). Everything looked normal and great! He is officially army crawling everywhere!!! AHAHAAHAH! As I type this he is crawling to get the computer cord. CRAZY baby! Here are some recent pics of my BIG man!!
P.S. That IS hair on top of his head, and it is blonde! Where did Eli and I get a blonde haired blue eyed child?? I don't know, but we will keep him!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

After reading this article regarding the protest that occured at the LA Temple last week, that was sent to me by a friend, I felt like I needed to comment. The article was written by an LDS police officer who was called to help keep the protesters in control and gives his account on the incident. (this is the link in case anyone would like to read it
It seems like so many times I have seen on TV a particular group protested against or "hated on" for lack of a better term, but when I saw people protesting and writing on a place that I hold very sacred and think of as a place of refuge from the world and all the hate and bad things that are it, it hit me pretty hard. It literally hurt my heart, but at the same time made me so happy, thankful and incredibly grateful for the freedoms that I have. How thankful I am that I can worship how I want, and also how thankful I am for the temples and the AMAZING place they are. At the end of the article the author wrote down what he learned from witnessing and being a part of the incident first hand, and I think it is something that we can all learn from and I know I will take into account in my life. He said:

Lessons Learned

Tolerance is not agreement and should not be a one way street. However, we must still remain tolerant of those who are intolerant of us.

Recognize the adversary at work here – making good seem bad and evil seem good.

We can only be disciples of Christ when we respond to adversity in a Christlike manner. To do less opens our actions to the influence of the adversary and hurts us even more.

We should never take for granted the opportunities we have to gather together in worship. We should never put off the opportunity to attend the temple. For these valuable things can be disrupted and possibly even closed to us – if not permanently, then at least on a temporary basis.

Pray. Often. Don't forget to include those who are set against you.

And finally, have no doubt President Monson knows where all of this is leading. He will surely reveal the knowledge to us on the Lord's timetable. Meanwhile, we must support and trust him, his inspired councilors, and our inspired local leaders in our actions. Their actions of Christian courage will be our examples.

I normally would not post stuff like this, but it just hit me so hard. So many times I have taken for granted the liberties that I have and after reading this article, I will never again be ignorant or ungrateful for my liberties, my country and my God who created it all.

Thanks for letting me share my feelings! :)