Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bigger and Better Things

I really need to stop doing this to myself and go so long in between posts, because then I have like a million things to talk about. I will make it short though. So our BIGGEST news is that we only have 12 more days until we make our way up to the beautiful NorthWest to see Papa and Amma and all the fam. We are SO excited and can hardly wait! Eli and I both had our birthdays a couple weeks ago and both enjoyed them. For our birthday we went to the Coldplay concert and since Val didn't use the saying in her blog, I will "Viva La Awesome"! (thanks Val!) They were excellent. That's pretty much it on us, Grady on the other hand is were this gets long! :) He has mastered the army crawl which is really cute, but is really hard because I didn't think that I would have to childproof my house this early! He now has not one but TWO teeth. Both of his bottome ones are now poking through. He is at the age were he really has favorite things! Thinks that he LOVES and things that he really dislikes. Instead listing all these, I will explain with pictures. Here goes.....

DOGS - He has a real fascination with dogs, he just LOVES them

CURIOUS GEORGE AKA "CJ" - We CANNOT leave home without him, and Grady has a ritual with him, he sees him and gives him hugs, a kiss and then rubs his face in his face.

CRAWLING - He looks so cute and innocent, but really he is a little monster!

SITTING UP ALL BY HIMSELF - I think this picture explains itself, he feels so big when he sits up on his own.

EATING "BIG BOY" FOODS - If you eat in front of him, be prepared to hear some grunting from Grady as a way of saying, I want some too!

TAKING BATHS - Don't worry they are censored!

He is so fun and such a BIG boy! I love the stage he is in now and am going to try to keep him in it. I will you all know if I am successful!

Oh, and we also wanted to congratulate Jeff and Stacey on their new baby girl, I have checked their blog every few minutes to see pictures. I am dying to see her cute face. We are glad that she is here and everything went well! Love you guys!