Sunday, May 24, 2009

Josh's, Tash's and Heath's Oh My....

How lucky are we you ask, VERY lucky! We got to have Josh, Tash and Heath
visit us, and what is a visit without Temple Square? We had so much fun with them
and can't wait for them to move here really soon, so we can watch ANTM and The Office together! Thanks for coming guys, we love ya.

Grady's Numero Uno

We had a BASKETBALL and BASEBALL party
with YUM cake and cookies.

Thank you everyone who could come and those also
who showed there love in other ways.

He got lots of fun gifts, and only fitting for his
baseball and basketball party was his High School Musical Game.....
Just kidding, his hoop, although he does love the game too!
Can you tell he LOVES basketball?

I even got a kiss, so it must have been an ok birthday, right?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grady's #1

Due to some complicating factors a.k.a loosing my phone!!! I wanted to let anyone who I didn't get a hold of know that we are have a birthday party/get together for Grady on Sat. the 9th. It is at my mom's house: 11030 N 5650 W in Highland from
4-6. No gifts are needed, we would just love for you to come and eat some treats and celebrate the wonderful one year mark! Love you all!