Sunday, August 9, 2009

HeY HEy heY, Summer 2009 Where did you go?

*I started this post about a month ago, but haven't quite finished it, but I thought I would give you a little something new to look at. I will do a new/finish another post sometime soon??!!

We have a had a CRAZY summer. So much fun, work and play! Here is a little picture journal of a little of the Slesk 2009 Summer (just a warning, it will be a little long!).

Val and I ran a 5k. It was a BLAST! ANd NO that is not Val's sweat, she dumped water on herself in case you were wondering. HA!
Ate some cake with Heath to celebrate his big number one. The poor little guy was sick with croupe on his birthday. Nothing a little cake can't help with.
Went to St. George for a wedding and got to enjoy the 110 degree weather. Thank goodness for swimming pools and congrats Trav!

My little brother Ryan got home from his mission the beginning of August (I didn't take pictures but Val did on her blog if you want to see), it is so good to have him home and hear his cute little Spanish accent! To spend time together my family decided to all take a trip to Miami. We had a blast! Here are some pics from that trip:

We went to the beach it was fun. It was also Grady's first time, once he realized that we don't eat sand, he had a much more enjoyable experience!
We hung out at the house. Grady likes to rock the shades, but only for about 10 seconds!

We went to a dolphins game. Grady had a lot of fun dancing, clapping and pointing and yelling "cackle" or tackle as we know it. Miami was fun, we will definitely have to go back!

We also got to go to the zoo. I think that I enjoyed it more than Grady and Eli, for some reason the zoo just brings out the kid in ya!